Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment

Who We Are


SCAPE—Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment—was founded in 2002 and has grown to over 200 members, a diverse group including nationally known and local artists, students, patrons and even gallery owners.  Membership is open to everyone who wants to participate. Our goals are to have Exhibitions to help raise money to protect open spaces, to increase public awareness of environmental and conservation issues, to promote camaraderie and provide education for artists. Among the non-profits SCAPE has helped raise money for are Environmental Defense Center, Community Environmental Council, the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, UCSB’s Sedgwick Reserve, Coal Oil Point Reserve, Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Channelkeeper.  To date, over $100,000 has been raised for our local organizations.

We have invited nationally known artists to come to Santa Barbara to teach workshops.  We have been privileged to study with David Gallup, Gregory Hull, Ken Auster, George Strickland, Joe Paquet, Mark Kerckhoff, Ray Roberts, Peggi Kroll Roberts, John Budicin, Stanley Goldstein, Anita Hampton, Phil Starke, Christopher Van Winkle and many others.

SCAPE has an average of 200 members who participate in our paint-outs, workshops, exhibitions, and volunteer as board members or chair positions. We have 3 or 4 exhibits every year and each is juried.  Membership is open year-round. 

The 2018 membership form is available HERE 


SCAPE got started in 2002 when Marcia Burtt, Camille Dellar and Susan Belloni met together with some ideas about forming a group of plein air painters. Don Crocker helped SCAPE get our 501 C-6 designation. Patricia Doyle thought up the wonderful name Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment or SCAPE.

We got the paperwork for a fictiousness business statement and put it in the media as required.  We hired a lawyer to draft the bylaws for us and to incorporate. Then, we filed for the nonprofit status of a 501 C-6 which took us into 2003.  We recruited our first board at an event at Beth Westen’s. We decided to have a "working board" so that each board member was in charge of a committee in order to get work done.

Our ideas ranged from starting a small group of painters to hosting a national plein air fundraiser, but as more and more people joined the group we were amazed to have about 200 members and our goals changed.

With more ideas from our first board and from crafting our bylaws, the mission and activities of SCAPE - to be a group of outdoor painters open to all but with juried shows, and to raise money for the environment, provide camaraderie and education – the group took shape and created the foundation that makes SCAPE the successful organization it is today.


Our 2018 Board

Executive Committee:
President: Carrie Givens
Vice President: Open position
Budget & Finance: Donald Crocker
Treasurer: Linda Faye Collins
Assistant Treasurer: Open position
Secretary: Alyson Gobbell

Committee Board Members:
Workshops: Carol Zepke
Exhibits: Natalie Wilson
Ingatherings: Lori Lenz
Paintouts: Jerry Martin
Member Education: Filiberto Lomeli    
Membership & Communications: Carol Zepke
Newcomers/Hospitality: Open position
Public Relations: Myla Kato        
Graphics & PR: Cheryl Fontana
Social Media: Mackensie Hamilton
President Emeritus: Linda Faye Collins

Non-Board Communication Members:
Newsletter: Karen Fedderson
Webmaster: Cynthia Burt