A Message From The President, Carrie Givens

To the members of SCAPE,

Dear members of SCAPE, It has been a wild July and August for my family and myself. On the evening of July 6th our life was turned upside down by the destruction of our home in Goleta by a very hot and fast moving fire. So far we have been fortunate to have a place to live temporarily and we will be working at rebuilding our home and lives.

I am so very touched by all of the people who have sent me messages of concern, and I thank everyone for the wonderful gift certificates. I will surely be able to use them to replace my art supplies. Your generosity touches my heart, thank you so much.

I would like to thank Linda Collins, our treasurer, for stepping in to help with the presidential duties for the past two months. My plan is to stay on as president of SCAPE, and will do the best I can to keep SCAPE going, as the strong benefit art group that it always has been. The only way we can stay strong is by the dedication from its members.

Our last show for Heal the Ocean is proof of that strength. I feel proud of all the members that came together to make it such a successful show. Natalie Wilson, our Exhibit chairperson did a fantastic job, she worked hard to make sure it all fell into place. Filberto Lomeli and his team are amazing, they set up all the panels and arranged for the lighting. Many thanks go out to everyone who helped, you are all so very important to SCAPE.

Natalie will be stepping down next year, that leaves a position that needs to be filled. She will stay on to train the next person who is willing to commit to helping SCAPE be the wonderful environmental fundraiser that it is. It is an exciting opportunity for you to learn how to organize a show with SCAPE and get to know many of the members and beneficiaries. We have a very friendly and competent group to work with. If you would like to know more about the position please email me, Carrie Givens, or Natalie Wilson.

Our next show at the Botanic Gardens is getting buttoned up, a huge word of appreciation goes to Bonnie Freeman, our Beneficiary chairperson who has made sure all bases are covered. It will be nice to see everyone's work in the beautiful Garden setting.

We are planning our member potluck picnic for October 13th, its a Saturday at Goleta Beach, come out and meet your fellow artists and start a painting in the morning. Hope to see you there.

I wish everyone well, and keep painting.


arrie Givens, SCAPE president

SCAPE President

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