A Message From The President, Carrie Givens

To the members of SCAPE,

Happy New Year to all of you!

Wishing you all the success, fortune, and all good things for this up coming year, 2019.  And please put some of your positive thoughts into getting some rain this year.  We will all be in a tight position if we do not get enough.  This last year we did not get the rain we desperately needed, and so if you happen to drive through the Santa Ynez Valley you will see the evidence in Lake Cachuma.  As well if you look around the hills and even the coastline you can see many trees and shrubs that are not getting the water they need to survive.  It is something that my family and I think about quite alot. 

Please take note that the board for SCAPE has voted on membership dues being paid within the first three months of the year.  That means it is not a good idea to wait for the next show to renew your membership, otherwise there is a 10.00 fee for renewing late.  So you have until March 30th to renew, and we hope you will.  We are working on bringing you at least two to three shows this year as well as our monthly paintouts, and the fabulous workshops that are being planned.

Hope to see you soon, 


Carrie Givens, President  of SCAPE

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Please complete the downloadable form indicating your level of membership and your volunteer preferences and send it with your check to S.C.A.P.E. to the address above. Your membership can also be paid online. Individual annual membership is $50 if renewed by March 31 and $60 effective April 1. Dues are for the calendar year January - December. New members pay $50.

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Renewal of membership dues are due by March 31st, after that it is 60.00.  For new members, or a person who has not paid for two years or more it is 50.00