Renewal and New Membership Application for 2016-17

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Please complete the downloadable form indicating your level of membership and your volunteer preferences and send it with your check to S.C.A.P.E. to the address above. Individual annual membership is $35 for 2016 and will be $50 starting in January 2017. Membership is for a calendar year January-December.
SCAPE Membership Application Form

Membership Options

The goals of S.C.A.P.E. are to promote camaraderie and provide opportunities for exhibition and education among outdoor painters, to raise money to protect open spaces, and to increase public awareness of environmental and conservation issues. S.C.A.P.E. also provides opportunities for paint-outs and workshops with nationally known artists. Exciting exhibits and sales in collaboration with various environmentally conscious organizations are planned such as the Environmental Defense Center, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, Land Trust for Santa Barbara County, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, the Audubon Society, the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and the Community Environmental Council (CEC) to name but a few.

The success of S.C.A.P.E. depends entirely on our family of artists. Please consider the wonderful opportunities for artist growth and camaraderie in participating in this year’s upcoming art shows. In order to hold these events I will be depending on assistance to co chair them. The following positions are available! Please choose one to help with!!! For each show we will need these positions.


  • Publicity, composing news briefs and getting them out to news media.
  • Juror Liaison, help juror at ingathering.
  • Ingathering assistance, and Data entry to make list of artists and paintings and print labels.
  • Volunteer coordinator, plan help sitting the Faulkner shows.
  • Reception, help with food and beverages.
  • Music coordinator, contact and schedule musicians. Art Along the Creek is our most exciting event!
  • Signage planning and set up. Assist in placing of signs to direct customers to show.
  • Show set up and take down.


Our 2017 Board

President:  Linda Faye Collins

Vice President: Carrie Givens

Budget & Finance: Donald Crocker

Treasurer: Linda Faye Collins

Assistant Treasurer: Jane Hurd

Secretary: Kathe Hines


Board Members:

Workshops: Cezanne Totton

Exhibits: Natalie Wilson

Paint outs: Jerry Martin

Member Education: Filiberto Lomeli

Membership: Nina Warner

Newcomers/Hospitality: Wendy Altman

Public Relations: Myla Kato

Communications: Bethany Anderson

Graphics & PR: Cheryl Fontana

President Emeritus: Dorene White