News from Leigh—Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all SCAPE artists! It has become apparent how much SCAPE has become an important part of the community and our
artists are being recognized for their talents and generosity! Several prominent National Non Profit Environmental groups and even local public agencies are much intersected in our art raising public awareness. We a currently working on the scheduling of such Exhibits! This has been a wonderful year for SCAPE and our Exhibits. Thank you to all of our artists and supporters. On behalf of the board welcome all feedback and ideas for 2014.
Several new exhibits are being planned. The Bacara has graciously extended an offer to host us again! We are looking at Friday evening and Saturday Easter weekend! To benefit Naples and the Gaviota coast. Ingathering Friday morning from 9 till 11 am. Pick up will be Saturday at 5. Please no early pickups, artists may coordinate with each other in case of conflict in holiday plans! Please
send images of your work for use in publicity to Leigh Sparks,

Art Along the Creek is also being planned for next Memorial Day weekend. Saving land, saving lives is our theme. This will be a three day art and musical event. We are currently waiting for final
confirmation of our Guest artist! One who has greatly contributed to the art community. These shows are close together due to many factors. Hope everyone can schedule their painting
time focusing on the Gaviota coast. And then Restoration! Members, please send photos of your artworks to Leigh for use in publicizing exhibits.

We will have ample paint out opportunities to paint on site. Artists may also be advised to think forward and get some paintings done at local county and federal parks! We are investigating new interesting locals for our shows, such as the hip Funk Zone!

In August or September we would like to hold an event in the Funk Zone to celebrate the Wilderness Act. (see news from Bonnie below for more info.)

I would like to introduce a new volunteer, Jane Hurd Exhibit Co-chair, who will be assisting in coordinating new exhibits. Thanks you for your skills you bring to SCAPE! Leigh Sparks and John Rindlaub are continuing. Also Bonnie Freeman is coordinating our upcoming show to celebrate the Wilderness Act. Thank you!!!

Please Email Leigh Sparks Exhibit Chair, if you will help create these future show opportunities! Please let me know who may help out with the ingatherings.

News from Bonnie—Following up on exciting news in the December Newsletter, S.C.A.P.E has now officially contracted with the Los Padres Chapter of the Sierra Club in a partnership proposed by member Bonnie Freeman to hold an event in the Fall of 2014 celebrating the nationwide 50th Anniversary of The Wilderness Act, signed by President Lyndon Johnson on 9-3-64.

After acceptance by the S.C.A.P.E Board, Exhibits Chair Leigh Sparks set out to find a future venue in the “Funk Zone” while assigning new Co-Chair Jane Hurd to be the lead for this
project. Filiberto Lomeli will be coordinating several Paint-Outs in actual wilderness on the San Rafael Mountain Range in late Spring, then pairing up with Sierra Club members for a combined outing in the Sespe Wilderness for June or July. Fil will have precise details in the near future, while Bonnie will continue coordinating with the Los Padres Chapter, reporting to Jane and Fil to keep everyone informed. Please Email Leigh Sparks at or any of the members below if you’d like to be on committee or help with this project:

For more information on the Wilderness 50 Event:
Jane Hurd, Exhibits Co-Chair: 805/845-1131,
Filiberto Lomeli, Paint-Out Chair: 805//570-4690,
Bonnie Freeman, Wilderness50 Chair: 805/683-1878,

AuthorCyndi Burt