A Message from Dorene White

As most of you know, the UCSB Reserve Show was a great success!  The artists (You!) brought forth wonderful work that captured the essence of the different reserves.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!  Regardless of individual painting sales, your work created the show and you should all be proud!

As part of the show, S.C.A.P.E. artists, with the expertise of Cyndi Burt, created a book with images of paintings of each of the UCSB Natural Reserves.  The book was a thank you gift for Jean Schuyler, Judith Staplemann and Duncan and Suzanne Mellichamp for their tremendous efforts not only in continued support for the reserves, but also in initiating and negotiating the acquisition of reserves. Without these people, we might not have open spaces like Coal Oil Point and Devereux, the Carpinteria Salt Marsh, Sedgwick Ranch and access to Santa Cruz Island.  (As an aside to artists, these people also worked hard on establishing The Carpinteria Bluffs, Ellwood Mesa and Butterly Reserve, Douglas Preserve and other places we all love to paint.)

Huge thanks to Meg Ricks for her contact initiation and hard work with the reserves to create this show.  Jane Hurd decided to go out with a bang (asserting this is the last show she will chair).  Thank you, Jane, for endless hours of highly demanding work.  You’ve been wonderful!  And thank you, for continuing to help us.

Again, an enormous crew created the show.  Jerry Martin handled set-up and takedown with a ‘professional’ group of our volunteers (Fil made a surprise appearance.)  Natalie Wilson and her ingathering team apparently had a seamless morning with many entries.  Thanks to Carrie Givens and Roberta Nielsen for their data entry.  Myla Kato, while stepping in on all tasks, worked with our juror, Susan Savage.  Libby Smith led the hanging crew and did a wonderful job with an unusual setup.  Thank you to guitarist extraordinaire Michael Holland for donating his lovely music to our reception.  Special gratitude is also extended to Art Essentials for their generous donation of a $100 Gift Certificate for the winner of the People’s Choice Award.  Many others helped to make this a great show, so thank you all!

This show reminded me of what a great group makes up this organization.  So… let’s spend a day together!  November 21 at Goleta Beach.  We have reserved the large picnic area closest to the pier.  Plenty of room for family and friends to join us.  We are still in planning stages, but I expect many will want to paint in the morning and perhaps later catch the early sunset for painting.  This will be a potluck lunch with bbq option.  S.C.A.P.E. will provide water, utensils, and briquettes.  Bring food and toys to share and we will be working on other entertainment.  Let’s celebrate a great year! 

Many people express interest in participating more fully in S.C.A.P.E., but cringe at the idea of over committing themselves.  In December we will have a small brainstorming and organizing brunch for people who want to help in different ways.  Your task can be as small or large a part that you want, but we do need you!  I’ll be sending out more details later this month, but please email me if you are interested.  dorene@dwhitepleinair.comBefore this, anyone who would like to help with the November gathering, please contact me or any other board member.

See you November 21 or sooner!  Keep painting and keep enjoying painting!!

—      Dorene White

AuthorCyndi Burt