So many shows!!! I hope you all are out painting and preparing for this wealth of opportunity — opportunity for showing, but hopefully also for new homes for our creativity.  So nice when our paintings resonate with others.

Gaviota Coastal Conservancy show at Bacara is excitingly close.  I hope all of your bring in at least one or two paintings, but we have no limit on number of entries you may have.  This venue has room for those who have never entered a show and also those who are nationally recognized.  One of the wonderful aspects of our S.C.A.P.E. group.  Karl Dempwolf is our juror and we are exceptionally lucky to have him.  A wonderful person and highly recognized artist.  If you aren’t sure what the Gaviota Coastal Conservancy or Naples Coalition does, take some time to talk with the people who will be there to educate.  A wonderful group.  Thanks to Reeve Wolpert for initiating this show and continuing to share his amazing photography.

Myla Kato is working hard on the Surfrider Show coming up at the Faulkner in July.  Lots of fun guaranteed.  If you have special interest in this show and want to do more, please contact Myla.

Watch for opportunities to learn how to enter online shows.  Cyndi Burt will be organizing these as the October Wildling Show gets posted.

Cezanne Totton and Ellen Yeomans did a wonderful job on Randall Sexton workshop.  Thank you, Randall!  Rave reviews.  Let’s hope he will return.

The November show at the Goleta library is still listed on our calendar, however, it is a bit uncertain.  We might be doing a larger show with the Wildlife Care Network and a partnering beneficiary in 2017 at a larger venue.  I will keep you all informed as the plans clarify.

Enjoy spring and paint with love.
— Dorene

AuthorCyndi Burt