Happy Summer! Many thanks to Cyndi Burt for her excellent training session on online entries.  For those of you unable to attend, please explore www.onlinejuriedshows.com for great tutorial information.  Now is a good time to set up your artist profile and get started with photographing your artwork for the “Places of the Heart” show at The Wldling.  

Entry is now open on the www.onlinejuriedshows.com website.  If you are still struggling after you have explored the site, contact info@s-c-a-p-e.org.  Also, if you are familiar with online entries and are willing to help out a fellow artist, please let me know.  Deadline is September 1st, but it will come quickly. Several local photographers are available if you are hesitant to do your own photography.

These will be listed elsewhere in newsletter. The Surfrider Show at the Faulkner gets more exciting every day.  Myla Kato has been working tirelessly with Mo McFadden and Ken Pauley of Surfrider to make this a very special month of art and celebration of surfing.  While this is a benefit for our local Surfrider chapter with an emphasis on surf, any ocean paintings are acceptable.  Fun reception is planned for First Thursday, July 7,  with music by Dave Johnson and Blue Ice.  Friday afternoons throughout the month will feature free surf movies at the Faulkner.

Our planned beneficiary for the November Goleta library show has backed out.  Current plan is
to have a small images show where each artist handles their own sales and can donate to whatever beneficiary they choose.   We also have early plans for Meisel Gallery show in February. More details on both in later newsletters.

Board positions are shifting.  After many, many years of dedication, Roberta Nielsen is training Nina Warner to take over as Membership Chair.  Huge thank you to Roberta for all of her hard
work, not only in keeping membership data, but also lending her computer expertise atingatherings.  We hope she continues to help keep S.C.A.P.E. flowing smoothly.

Cezanne Totton has agreed to take over as secretary (she still is heading a wonderful new workshops committee).  Linda Collins is migrating from secretary into treasurer position while Bob Rowley prepares for new life adventures.  I can’t say how much I appreciate Bob’s dedication to his job.  He has taken on a very tough job and worked to clarify and organize around a new bookkeeper and new systems.  Thank you, Bob.  And thank you, Linda, for your efficient work as secretary and for stepping in to be treasurer.

See you at the Faulkner for our fun, fun show and reception!
— Dorene


AuthorCyndi Burt