Join us for a great day at Goleta Beach Park! Come meet the prospective board members for next year.

When: 2nd Saturday of October 13th

Where:  Area C, near the entrance bridge to the beach park.

Time:  Starting at 9 AM- Meet up with your painting buddies for a morning paint out!

Potluck Lunch:  Please don't bring dishes made with mayonnaise, as they'll be sitting out for some time!


A - D    Appetizers, Casseroles or Drink Cups

E - H    Fruit or Veggies

I - L    Ice in Cooler, and/or Beverages

M - P    Napkins & Plates, Desserts

R - U    Salads, Tablecloths, Utensils

V - Z    Main dishes

Also I am Jerry Martin will be sending you his message regarding the paint out which is at the same place.  Thank you so much.

Carrie Givens,

AuthorCyndi Burt