Botanic Impressions

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Show: September 14-15, 2018


n a recent meeting with the Events Staff at SBBG, a theme for the show was chosen to emphasize their mission of conservation and education of the California Native plant community: BOTANIC IMPRESSIONS

Please keep this mission in mind as you visit the gardens free of admission for purposes of painting through the month of June.  You need to be checked off the Membership roster held at the entry kiosk, and we’ve already heard from staff that visitors are having a great time seeing the artists at work, and please feel free to let the public know about the big sales day, SATURDAY, September 15, all day.

It’s important to know that the Reception on Friday, Sept. 14, from 4-6, will be Invitation Only to members and donors of the SBBG due to showing in the Library with very limited guest allowances, but all the paintings in the courtyard will be available for sale to regular visitors of the garden.  However, Saturday, Sept. 15 will be the publicly advertised Show with everyone coming and going all day from 9am-6pm.

The SBBG has a very dedicated membership with interests in the preservation of California native plants that are grown in the 5.5 miles of paths and featured areas within the Garden, so try to identify anything featured.* There’s also a celebrated history on the landscape design that’s married to their natural setting.  In 1983 the Mission Dam and Aqueduct (on the Garden grounds) were designated County Historic Landmark #24 by the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors, which in 2003 was broadened to include the Garden’s historic design concept within the Garden’s 23 core acres

The seven specific landmarked structures are:

  •  Mission Dam and Aqueduct (1806)
  •  Indian Steps
  • Caretakers Cottage (1927)
  • Information Kiosk (1937)
  • Blaksley Library (1941)
  • Campbell Bridge (1941)
  • Clara Small Smith Entry Steps (1948)

Because parking is a major concern to the fire department, the Gardens and neighbors, you are asked to make an effort to car-pool for your best enjoyment.  And if you haven’t been up to the new Conservation Building, you are invited to paint the amazing views up there; a trail across from the SBBG. Entry takes you there, and there may be some additional parking if nothing available below. There will be no parking allowed along the adjacent canyon road, no exceptions and you may be sent to another location if traffic piles up.