Saving the Environment,

One Painting at a Time

                                                     Welcome to SCAPE               

         SCAPE stands for Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment.  We are a                  group of local and nationally known artists, students, patrons, gallery owners and other                art and environment lovers. Our mission is to promote camaraderie and artistic growth                for our members while providing art events for the members and non-profit                                environmental organizations.

        Two or more exciting exhibits are planned every year, each in collaboration with a               non-profit organization dedicating to protect open spaces and to increase public awareness           of environmental and conservation issues.  In the past our beneficiaries have included the             Environmental Defense Center, Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, Land Trust for Santa                 Barbara County, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, the Audubon Society, the Santa Barbara             Museum of Natural History, and the Gaviota Coast Conservancy, to name but a few.                     To date, SCAPE artists have donated over a quarter of a million dollars to these               organizations from the proceeds of their art sales.

       Members can promote their artistic skills through various workshops and demonstrations.            Monthly paintouts provide camaraderie and an opportunity to paint in a variety of interesting        locations.  An annual membership meeting and picnic is held in which members can meet            and greet.  

      SCAPE is run entirely by its volunteers and is funded solely by its membership fees and                 small commissions earned to cover costs of its exhibits.  Membership in SCAPE is open to             anyone interested in participating in SCAPE’s mission and activities.

                                                             Mission Statement                                                                                        Our Mission is to promote camaraderie and artistic growth for the members while providing      art show events to show and sell the members art and to have them donate a portion of              sales to a selected environmental organization                                                                                          

SCAPE artists at work and their work on display

History of SCAPE  from Marcia Burtt  

      SCAPE had its beginnings in 2002 when Susan Belloni, Camille Dellar, and I met together, impelled by Larry Iwerks who had often pointed out, from the perspective of an Oak Group member, that raising money for environmental causes should be open to all the community artists. 

       Patricia Doyle thought up the wonderful name Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment—SCAPE.

       Don Crocker obtained our 501 C-6 designation and has remained a board member. We decided to have a "working board" so that each board member was in charge of a committee charged with getting - exhibitions, workshops, and special events. Starting with ideas from the first officers, mission and activities of SCAPE have           gradually  taken shape: we are now a substantial group of outdoor painters participating in  juried exhibitions to raise money for the environment while providing a chance to make friends with other like minded artists through painting together, installing shows together, donating part of their sales and learning together.



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