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People's Choice Award:  "Salty Mist-Yellowbanks, Santa Cruz Island." by Rick Garcia.

Maritime Museum Virtual Art Show and Sale

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MARITIME MUSEUM 20th Anniversary


Online Exhibit Format a Great Success

Thanks to a rewarding partnership between Southern California Artists Painting for the Environment (SCAPE) and the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum (SBMM), SCAPE artists were given an opportunity to exhibit and sell their paintings through a Virtual Art Exhibit and Sale featured on SBMM’s website. Although a repeat of last year’s successful on-site show at the museum had been planned for this year, it had to be canceled due to the pandemic.  Thus the 2020 exhibit, which was part of SBMM’s celebration of its 20th anniversary, was moved to a pioneering online format.

SBMM provided the expertise and venue for producing the exhibit, for which over 150 paintings were submitted by SCAPE artists. Kevin Gleason, a well-known local artist, educator and SCAPE member, juried the show.  Greg Gorga,SBMM’s Executive Director, supervised the undertaking, aided by SBMM’s Jane Lindsey, Director of Development, and Rita Serotkin, Marketing and PR Coordinator.  Dennis Schuett, Graphic Designer, and Eric Petersen (from Mission Web Marketing) worked on the online purchasing platform.

“SBMM is proud to partner with SCAPE again this year, especially with this being our first fully online art show,” said Greg Gorga.  “On behalf of SBMM and all the people we serve throughout our community, we want to thank SCAPE and the artists for their support -- the show is full of amazing maritime artwork. And of course, thanks to those who have purchased the art for supporting SBMM and our local artists.”

Thirty-four paintings were sold, generating gross sales of over $25,000, netting over $12,000 for SCAPE artists, who received 50% of net sales, $9,000 for SBMM, which received 40% of the sales as a donation, and over $1600 for SCAPE, to help cover its expenses.

Rita Serotkin commented:  "As the mother and daughter of artists, it was my great pleasure to help promote the SCAPE Art Show...and it was easy with so many beautiful paintings to publicize. I also enjoyed interacting with some of the artists through email, and I look forward to meeting them in person in the future." 

Natalie Wilson, SCAPE Exhibits Chair, provided the extensive coordination needed between SBMM and the artists, with the help of Carrie Givens, SCAPE President. “I think selling 34 paintings is remarkable for a virtual online art show,” said Natalie.  “Thanks to everyone helping to make the 20th Anniversary Show at the Maritime Museum so successful. I want to thank all the SCAPE members who came through entering their beautiful paintings. The Museum staff were wonderful to work with setting up and presenting the artwork on their website, taking care of sales, and putting notices and ads in Facebook, the Independent, and in the Museum’s newsletter.  Cheryl Fontana generated a lovely postcard/invitation sent to our members and patrons. A big thank you goes to our juror, Kevin Gleason, for his time and expertise, and also to our President, Carrie Givens, for her help and guidance. I know we all miss the excitement of a physical show, but I’m happy that we could make this type of exhibit work out so well.”

                                                                                                     -Linda Collins


Who We Are

SCAPE is a group of local and nationally-known artists, students, patrons, gallery owners and others.

Our Mission

Our mission is  to promote camaraderie and artistic growth for our members while helping to raise money for non-profit environmental organizations through a variety of events. 

Many Thanks to Our Virtual Exhibit Partners

Greg Gorga, SBMM

Executive Director

Rita Sirotkin, SBMM Marketing and PR Coordinator

Jane Lindsey, SBMM Director of Development

Kevin Gleason

Juror for the Maritime Show

A brief bio:

I grew up on Lake Tahoe, California and developed an early love of the wilderness, spending lots of time camping and hiking in the Sierras, always with my sketchbook and art supplies in my pack.  I studied art at UCSB, where I met my wife Lauren.   We were lucky to be able to stay here on the beautiful Central Coast.  In addition to painting, I teach art at Dos Pueblos High School, which my oldest daughter attends and where my younger daughter will be soon. 

For Jurying the show:

I was really impressed with the diversity, concepts, and skill of the entries for the Maritime Show.  We are lucky to live in a community with so many inspired, creative, talented individuals.  I am always looking for someone with a unique, sincere style and voice to their work. I am drawn to artworks that have a nice balance of representational and abstract qualities.  I love it when a work of art transcends its media and transports us to the real experience, that quality of light or feel of the atmosphere that originally inspired the work.  

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 This a work in progress, so please bear with us as we work through the challenges of improving each segment of the program and adding more of its features such as blogs and forums.  

HELP WANTED:   If you are adept at mastering software programs and want to volunteer to join the Wild Apricot Staff, please email Linda Collins at lfc96796@gmail.com or KarenGlancyat ktglancy76@msn.com. 

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